What is the best weapon to have as a last resort?

Survival knives are a big thing among preppers and survivalists, but combat knives are rarely brought up. While a survival knife can help you get through a disaster or several days in the wild, it’s no good in a fight because it can be hard to conceal, unlike a combat knife. (h/t to ThePrepperJournal.com)

It’s definitely better to carry a gun, but you can’t always be sure that you’ll have access to such a weapon when you’re in trouble. Unlike a gun, a knife won’t make any noise, and it can be more effective.

Remember, during a survival situation an assailant can sneak up on you. However, you’re more valuable to an attacker alive, especially if they’re after your supplies. If you’re taken as a hostage, chances are they’ll ask you to drop all your weapons. With a concealed combat knife, you have a better chance of defending yourself. (Related: Tips for the beginning prepper.)

The benefits of a concealed weapon

When it comes to weapons, size matters. When possible, get a concealed weapon with a blade bigger than two to three inches so that it’s large enough to do serious damage should you need to use it on an attacker.

Preppers often choose between the following combat knives:

  • Boot knives – These small knives are often attached to boots. Most boot knives are daggers with two or more sharp edges.
  • Karambit – A karambit is a small highly curved blade that’s great for slashing.
  • Neck knives – These are knives hung around the neck. Neck knives can be hidden under your shirt, and its easier to do so you’re wearing several layers of clothing. However, a lot of neck knives only have short blades a few inches long, making them less than ideal as a combat knife.
  • Push daggers – Push daggers are also called punch knives. They have T-shaped handles instead of a normal knife handle. With a handle perpendicular to the blade, a push dagger lets you “punch” with the knife instead of thrusting.

The boot knife is the best choice because it has a long enough blade, it can be easily concealed, and it’s accessible.

While state laws about concealed weapons must be obeyed, when SHTF these laws may no longer matter. Keep in mind that a last-resort weapon is an inexpensive insurance policy and that it’s better to have a combat knife even if you don’t need it instead of being caught unaware when someone attacks you.

Alternative SHTF weapons

If you’re not sure you’re skilled enough to wield a knife in a fight, consider the other weapons below:

  • Baseball bats – If you don’t own a baseball bat, you can also use a hockey stick or some scrap wood to protect yourself against an assailant.
  • Kitchen utensils – Kitchen utensils are versatile. You can get a kitchen knife, or you can use a meat tenderizer.
  • Garden tools – Anything can be used as a last resort weapon, such as a pitchfork, a rake, a screwdriver, or a shovel.
  • Pepper spray – If you think you don’t need lethal force, pepper spray is a good alternative.
  • Tasers – Unlike a stun gun that requires you to stand close to an attacker, a Taser will shoot out leads so you can have a little more range.

You can learn more about other weapons that you can use and proper survival gear at Gear.news.

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