Pastor Steve Cioccolanti says Trump’s wisdom is outsmarting the Deep State

The mainstream media really enjoys portraying President Trump as an ignoramus – a childish loose cannon who doesn’t really know what he’s doing, and who’s only the president because he “colluded” with Russia. But in the eyes of Pastor Steve Cioccolanti, the head of Discover Church in Melbourne, Australia, our country’s Commander-in-Chief is actually very shrewd and even wise, as his decision-making skills continue to successfully outsmart the “Deep State” for the benefit of the United States.

In a new video he recently published to his channel, Pastor Cioccolanti explains how President Trump is really good at doing this because he’s been a cunning businessman for many years. Filming himself from the lawn of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, Pastor Cioccolanti tells the story of how the president was able to erect a 50-foot-tall flagpole bearing the American flag, against the wishes of the local government that said it was too tall.

After getting community officials to agree, in writing, to a 49.9-foot flagpole instead – just shy of the 50-foot maximum as per local ordinances – Trump decided to build a small dirt mound to raise the 49.9-foot pole back up to 50 feet. According to Pastor Cioccolanti, this clever move shows that the president is just like the “unjust steward” described in the parable about the same that’s outlined in Luke 16 of the Holy Bible.

“This is called outsmarting people, outsmarting your opponents, and the Bible says that, that the children of this world are smarter and wiser than the children of light,” Pastor Cioccolanti states, referring to Luke 16:8.

The brilliance of Trump’s tax plan is that it contains military funding for building the wall

On bigger issues like national security, President Trump has been similarly successful. Pastor Cioccolanti says that while the bill was bloated with plenty of “pork,” including funding for Planned Parenthood and other unsavory programs, it covertly slipped in funding for the wall that the Democrats overlooked (more on Trump’s tax plan is available at this link).

“Donald Trump got the House and the Senate to approve the largest military budget ever, and Obama had gutted the military,” says Pastor Cioccolanti. “They were scavenging for old airplane parts just to fix the airplanes. Now, Donald Trump has the biggest budget for his military – so much that he said that the military will build the wall. So he got a two-in-one out of this deal.”

“And he’s a pragmatist. He had to make the deal. He had to protect the country; that’s his first job isn’t it? – to protect America. His second thing is to keep his promise of building the wall. The Democrats are never going to fund the thing if it’s called the ‘Funding the Wall’ bill. But what he does is he says it’s a defense issue and the military is ordained to protect the country. So it’s the job of the military to build the wall now that they’ve gotten the money.”

President Trump is also said to be the most “faith-friendly” president that the country has ever had – including Ronald Reagan. This is the opinion of Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas megachurch, who recently tweeted about the openness of the administration with regards to matters relating to faith.

So regardless of what the media says about him, President Trump seems to be fully in-tune with seeing his agenda come to fruition. He’s also demonstrating that he’s a friend to people of faith, which is something that this country hasn’t seen in quite some time – and something for which Christians especially should be grateful, according to Pastor Cioccolanti.

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